Analytical, collaborative, and progressive Marketing Leader with a proven track record of success in driving revenue growth and brand recognition. Recognized for optimizing marketing strategies and delivering exceptional results in highly competitive markets. Innovative mindset, consistently developing scalable and sustainable marketing initiatives that generate substantial ROI. Natural talent for identifying market trends and consumer insights, translating them into impactful campaigns that captivate target audiences. Respected and supportive leader who understands how to inspire and motivate teams to achieve ambitious goals. Engages stakeholders through a focus on building strong relationships and aligning marketing efforts with business objectives.

“Matt has an amazing capacity for both learning and teaching. He routinely extracts lessons from failures and is unafraid to take on unfamiliar tasks.” 

Direct Supervisor

“Despite the influx of knowledge he had and shared, what I most enjoyed about working for Matt was his leadership style. He made sure to stay connected with both his direct reports and skip levels consistently, while also allowing us to think and work independently in a way that made us most successful.” 

Direct Report & Indirect Report

Career Highlights